Tailored Solutions Through Guided Student Projects


Clients receive trusted results through guided student projects focused on research or product development, tailored to individual business needs. Learn More


Students gain immersive experience through performing applied research and developing products to provide solutions for our clients’ challenges. Learn More


Faculty collaborate at a variety of levels from mentoring students to co-curricular applied learning to directing student research and more. Learn More


Working on research projects that range from the field to the greenhouse and from plants to livestock.


For any industry and any organization, we provide value added business research to fuel success.

Computer Tech

Specializing in quality assurance testing and web development, our team can take care of large web portfolios.


Projects across engineering disciplines range from product development to modernization.

What Others Say About Us

“So far my experience at the E Center (now RBDC) has proven to be invaluable. It has allowed me to land several job offers upon graduation; and it has helped me land a strategy and finance internship at a Fortune 10 company. I am privileged to be interning for Walmart’s Finance and Strategy team at Sam’s Club. I able utilize my past project experiences at the E Center frequently; the parallel is surprisingly similar. I can’t think of a better jump start to a professional career than the E Center.”

Chris Luong
Chris LuongBYU-Idaho Class of 2013

I like the mission of the RBDC…to provide a real value to companies, and the fact that they do provide a real valuable product. They have the resources, and they have the dedication and the focus to provide the information that’s needed and be really valuable to those who are their clients.

Boyd Price
Boyd PriceDirector of New Market Development, Melaleuca

Watch a video featuring former BYU-Idaho President Kim B. Clark.

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