Research & Creative Works Conference Platform


Brigham Young University-Idaho


The R&CW Conference platform is a web application that brings participants, mentors, department representatives, judges and staff together. It also manages the planning, approvals and logistics of putting the conference on. One of the main goals was to create and intuitive interface that allowed each party to understand and interact with their own responsibilities (and only their own) in relation to the conference. The second goal was to automate as much as possible; things such as routing an abstract through the approvals process, notifying staff of important changes or events and giving judges a digital, mobile way to provide scores and feedback. The third goal was to provide functionality that would reduce the workload on the conference staff. All-in-all it meshes the different users and functionality into a common, structured, predictable application.


This project has two primary places of impact: those involved in the conference and the students building the application. For those involved in the conference the project means a unified place to house all the data and interactions that take place – which is no small matter. For staff it simplifies the planning and communication drastically, for participants it helps streamline the submission process and for judges it puts the scoring and feedback process literally in the palm of their hands with a mobile first design. Each type of user is guided through their respective duties and the system handles the rest.

Three students have participated in the creation of the system. The impact to them is both significant and lasting. They have the opportunity to supplement their formal education with experience on a real project for a client. This means that beyond a grade they need to be conscious of budgets, deadlines, client expectations, bug fixes and all the other details that come into play in life outside the classroom. Perhaps even more importantly they have a chance to apply their education to their craft and really solidify the concepts they are taught. Ultimately this makes for a more skilled, more confident, more professional student.


Currently the system is being beta tested by both our students and the staff of the R&CW conference. Our objective is to be running along side the current system at the up coming R&CW conference and then completely replace it for the next conference.