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General Information

Phone: 208.356.5009 | Email: info@RBDCenter.org

D. Joshua Holt, Executive Director

Office: 208.356.5009 x102 | Email: j.holt@RBDCenter.org

Taylor Woods, Administrative Director

Office: 208.356.5009 x105 | Email: t.woods@RBDCenter.org

Kurt Harman, Director of Agriculture

Will Jenson, Director of Business Research

Office: 208.356.5009 x109 | Email: w.jenson@RBDCenter.org

Evan Caldwell, Director of Computer Tech

Mobile: 801.753.8260 | Email: e.caldwell@RBDCenter.org

Rob Tonks, Director of University Relations + Marketing

Office: 208.356.5009 x104 | Email: r.tonks@RBDCenter.org

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