Computer Tech Division

At the Research and Business Development Center (RBDC)  computer tech division, we develop products and provide services in either a project format or ongoing arrangements. These projects cover a wide range from idea validation to data analysis to web/mobile design and development to quality assurance to long-term maintenance.

Our unique blend of student labor, professional management and expert mentorship provide a platform for businesses and organizations to get quality work done while helping students grow without the hassle of internally managing student work. Meanwhile, students building professional confidence.

Our primary competency is web development, both web sites and web applications. However, we also do work on mobile applications, data analysis and even helping tech companies evaluate the validity of a new idea. We take the time to explain our processes, get lots of feedback from clients and plan appropriately. We work to ensure that everyone involved is comfortable with and finds value in every stage of our projects.

Evan Caldwell

Evan Caldwell

Director of Computer Tech

Originally from Utah, Evan is a visionary technophile with the ability to meld technical know-how with practical application. His prior experience includes over a decade in general business and customer service. He returned to school and completed a BS in web development and design at Brigham Young University-Idaho.


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Solid Solutions for Your Web Presence

Our computer tech division provides a way to outsource your development work. Whether you are an entrepreneur that needs to build a web platform or a small business that needs to enhance your digital presence, our guided student projects help you move forward. We work in front end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, etc.) and Python. We have also done projects in Ruby on Rails, and Java. We practice agile methodologies, and have experience taking projects from inception through deployment. If you need a technology or language not mentioned here, please contact us to see if we can put together a solution.

Taking Care of Your Assets With Confidence

Our computer tech division is versed in many technologies and languages that help us provide a range of maintenance services on websites and web applications. If you are a small but growing company, we can save you the cost of hiring IT in house to maintain your online assets. Or if you have limited IT staff, we can supplement their work to help them focus on the important things. Or if you have fluctuating work load we can provide a flexible work force to help you better manage the ebb and flow. We’ll work with you to customize a maintenance plan that fits your needs and your budget so you can have peace of mind that your web assets are watched over, up-to-date, and secure.

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Comprehensive Testing to Assure Quality

Our computer tech division is proficient in carrying out quality assurance testing for websites and web platforms. We have served clients with large web assets and millions of annual visitors. Our model is to build and dedicate a team to your assets. We train and supervise the student teams to assure the testing is effective. Our teams are practiced in both manual testing methods and developing customized automated testing. The technical abilities of the students allow them to provide insightful bug reporting to facilitate the re-coding effort. Our ability to develop internal expertise for your sites with a revolving student employment situation assure long term consistency.

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