• How many projects are on your backburner?

  • What entry level activities are your experienced people doing?

  • Do you put off activities like QA and automation due to time or cost?

Cost Effective, Quality Project Work

RBDC can leverage campus connections and knowledge of specific university programs to put together productive teams of students. We handle things like training, scheduling, payroll and quality control so you can focus on the project. Our flexibility and experience allows you to plug in quickly and offload project work that you need done.

Some of our past clients


Getting Around To It

We know as well as anyone that balancing your workforce, project load and budget is a challenge. There is always work that’s continually put on the backlog. RBDC can build a team of students that will:

  • Lower your cost to complete second priority work
  • Integrate with your current workflow but not distract from it
  • Free up your teams to focus on core work

Our Sweetspot

We know that remote student teams are not the right fit for every project. We are completely transparent with our clients about where we can be most productive. To give you a flavor, here are a few areas we have proven success in:

  • Quality Assurance, testing, and automated testing
  • Maintenance – website, database, web app, and mobile app
  • Entry level, non-critical programming/development

Some of the tools we use on projects

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Client Focus

Tailored Training And Communication

Working with remote teams is not always easy. Bringin people up to speed on your stack takes valuable time and resources. Keeping everyone on the same page often seems like more work that it’s worth. RBDC mitigates challenges like these by:

  • Working with you to build a custom training program that gets new students up to speed quickly
  • Handling onboarding and training so your teams only have to worry about the work
  • Identifying a communication strategy that fits your flow and supports efficient productivity
  • Providing a mentor to handle all the daily questions so your teams can stay focused


Our teams of students can effectively take on project work that allows your teams to focus on the core of your business. We provide a cost effective, low risk way support your current work flows and get more work done. It’s a plug-and-play approach of working with great student talent to accomplish work that’s meaningful to your business – and your bottom line.

Questions? Ready to start a project?