• What does it cost you to find good talent?

  • What are the risks when you hire a new employee?

  • What level of experience do you expect from entry level hires?

Low Cost, Low Risk Talent Acquisition

RBDC can leverage campus connections and knowledge of specific university programs to find the right students without costly trips or hours on the phone. We also take the guesswork out of which candidates will work out and which ones will not by giving you a front row seat to see candidates in action. We provide a talent pipeline to help your organization streamline talent acquisition and supplement your recruiting efforts.

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The Talent Pipeline

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Finding The Best Students

Our connections to faculty and other students, plus our knowledge of university programs means we have the ability to pick the best students for your project. Instead of spending your time and money scowering career fairs for qualified candidates let us:

  • Find students we know have the skills your organization needs
  • Lower the risk of hiring under-performing or ill-fitting candidates
  • Give you a talent preview before you make hiring decisions

Training On Your Tech

We understand that every organization is built on different technologies. When you decide to streamline your talent process using our talent pipeline we will:

  • work with you to put together a custom training path to help students get on board and become productive quickly
  • Structure our teams for consistency and longevity so there is minimal impact to your current operations
  • Work with you to create a clear scope of work and identify needed technical know-how
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Client Focus

Cultivating Lasting Relationships

Strong ties with potential candidates bring a number of benefits to an organization:

  • Early on students currently working on your projects recommend other good candidates
  • After an internship students can continue being a productive part of your team off site
  • At graduation time your company will stand above other (sometimes better) offers


Students then go to work on projects that benefit your company, giving you visibility into each student’s capabilities. You’ll find who you want to hire and where to put them. Best of all they’ll be productive day one. Our program provides a location and a mechanism to grow those connections.

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