Spring 2015 Entrepreneurs Platform


Entrepreneurs’ Platform

Giving local businesses an opportunity to connect to resources and potential partnerships

Hosted by the Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center (E Center) and Founder’s Forum, the Entrepreneurs’ Platform provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to present their business plans to professionals and to be linked to needed resources and potential partnerships. The Entrepreneurs’ Platform brings together local entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders to learn about new businesses and ideas, expand professional networks, and help grow the economy. Audience members can support the Platform presenters by offering resources including expertise, contacts, etc. after their presentations. The Platform will be held on Tuesday, June 23rd at Eastern Idaho Technical College Alexander Creek Building room 541 in Idaho Falls, Idaho from 12-1:30 p.m.

Admission is free.

The E Center, a non-profit, seeks to grow the economy through building a network of local students, government leaders and business professionals to provide value-added business consulting across Eastern Idaho.

Each of the businesses presenting is seeking mentoring and resources to continue to grow. The presenters this June include the following:

Landon Walker: owner of Local Almond Milk, which produces local almond and cashew milk.

Joseph Cammack: Co-starter of ArmsReach, a bedside organizer. This product started at Eastern Idaho’s Start-up Weekend last October.

Coulton Woods and Stephan Larson: Starts of FiXD, which provides insurance for cell phones and tablets.

The June 2015 Platform event is sponsored by the Idaho National Lab and Eastern Idaho Technical College.

For further information on the Entrepreneurs’ Platform contact Megan Luthy at 208.356.5009






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