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Guided Student Projects Delivering Results

Projects Start Early September, Early January, and Mid-April

ALPS | Advanced

Applied Learning Projects (ALPS) | Advanced deliver valuable outcomes through rigorous research and dedicated execution. Guided student teams work over 700 hours on your project over the course of 13 weeks. Teams are provided with in-depth training and an experienced mentor. As a client, you select the product that meets your needs and we deliver the project with a few client meetings along the way to maintain alignment.

  • Save Time

    By selecting a specific product that meets your needs, our dedicated project team will deliver results without a large investment of your time.

  • Focused Outcomes

    Each project type has been designed and built to fit within the 13-week timeframe and still deliver valuable insights to you. Our research methods yield proven results.

  • Emerging Talent

    Our student research teams are upper-class undergraduate students often with prior project experience. They are eager to find an application for their studies.


Boost Productivity by Outsourcing research

ALPS | Advanced projects are an excellent way to make better use of your time. Our guided student teams will log over 700 hours over the course of 13 weeks while you can stay focused on your primary responsibilities. Our carefully crafted project frameworks ensure that results are meaningful and timely.

Expand Your Potential Hiring Talent Pool

By having a team of upper-class undergraduate students working on a project for your organization, you can expand your potential candidate pool for internships and full-time positions. Recruiting can be enhanced as you interact with our students and review the direct work outcomes of their project work.

Make a Difference While Getting Results

Our students gain invaluable professional experience while working on your projects. Our opportunities are available to Brigham Young University – Idaho students that are on-campus or online across the globe. Regardless of location, they are eager to gain self-reliance through higher education and meaningful work experience.

ALPS | Advanced Projects are a Portfolio of Products

Our Select Projects are Designed to Consistently Deliver Value-added Results

The Research and Business Development Center (RBDC) has close to ten years of experience of delivering results for our clients. We have completed over 900 projects and worked with over 300 clients during these years. From this vast experience, we have selected and developed each product to offer specific and repeatable projects to facilitate consistent and valuable outcomes.

Our projects are available year-round with a standard duration of 13 weeks. Projects start in early January, mid-April, and early September.

Projects start at only $4,000.

Feasibility Study

Look deeper into your possibilities with our feasibility studies. This product is geared to analyze the feasibility of your idea whether it is a product, business, expansion, service, or otherwise through structured primary market research that will identify customers, gauge demand, and identify the competition along with their respective market shares. Gathered data is then compiled and analyzed using a variety of tools including Excel, SPSS, and R. You will gain key insights relating to the reality of the market and how your idea relates to that context to help you determine feasibility.

Price: Starts at $4,000

Social Media Analysis

Enhance your social media strategy by better understanding your audience with our social media analysis projects. This product is designed to sharpen your competitive angle through identifying your audience or expanding your understanding of that audience, discovering preferences and behaviors, and looking into the competition. The project will focus on primary research with secondary sources as supplements. Teams use multiple tools such as Excel, SPSS, and R to identify trends, patterns, and gaps. From this analysis, you will better understand your audience, their preferences, and how to best reach them on social media.

Price: Starts at $4,000

Competitive Analysis

Take your organizational strategy to the next level by engaging with our competitive analysis. This in-depth analysis tackles the challenge of sorting out the competitive landscape through developing a comprehensive comparative matrix of the features, offerings, attributes, and characteristics of your competitors. Our teams will employ both primary and secondary research in gathering this information. Upon completion of the matrix, competitive differences,  gaps, advantages, and disadvantages are summarized. You will have a detailed and easy to reference matrix with the summary findings that place your organization in the context of that competitive field to give you an edge in evolving your strategy.

Price: Starts at $4,000

Education Research

For all types of educational institutions from K-12 through higher ed, secure critical insights to your students, faculty, academic offerings, or institution with our education research projects. Our teams help you identify or refine your research question and apply strict research protocols to deliver well-sourced information to overcome anecdotal opinions. This project is structured to draw from both primary and credible secondary sources. Once data is collected, our analysis will search for trends, patterns, or gaps using a variety of tools including Excel, SPSS, R, or STATA. You will gain trusted insights through synthesized reporting and complete and comprehensive access to all of the raw data collected.

Price: Starts at $4,000

Financial Analysis

Make better financial decisions by tapping our powerful financial analysis projects that are designed to provide rigorous forecasting.  This analytical project can include cost estimation, financial modeling, TVM calculations, and pro-forma financials suited to your specific criteria. Our teams will take your financial data or collect the data as needed to build out the information needed to run the requested analysis. Our teams primarily utilize Excel and Access. However, other tools such as R and STATA have been utilized depending on specific project needs. You will have accurate and reliable results with the backup data to add rigor into your financial decision-making process.

Price: Starts at $4,000

Economic Analysis

Understand how broad or narrow economic indicators are influencing your organization by dispatching our teams on an economic analysis project tailored to your needs. This product is built to collect key indicators such as local labor markets, international trade, monetary policy, agricultural markets, and more. Our teams have access to a wide variety of both public and private databases, and they can easily incorporate your proprietary data as needed. Once the all of the needed data is gathered a full analysis is performed using tools such Excel, R, STATA or Tableau. You will be given useful insights and key findings in a summative presentation with a comprehensive written report.

Price: $3,500 (due at project completion)


Do you have a project idea that does not fit our typical products? We are happy to discuss the possibilities. Availability will depend on overall project loads for a given semester. Project timelines can extend past the academic calendar as well.

Price: Starts at $4,000

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