• RBDC Finance Academy


Partner with the RBDC to tackle business-specific problems using data and data analytics projects to provide insights through off-site consulting, on-site internships, and employment pipelines.

Projects are done on a tri-annual basis. The 13-week projects start in January, April, and September. The RBDC is limited in the number of projects that it can accept, so reach out now to ensure your project can be completed. Please contact us to learn more or to discuss a potential project.


We are looking for financial services firms who are interested in helping support students as they prepare for the Series 65 Exam. Your time and donations will be used to help sponsor BYU-Idaho students through a three month period of studying and taking the Series 65 designation. With each donation and sponsorship of students, the following contributions will be available: 

  • Premium
  • $1,200
  • Sponsor 3
  • Gold
  • $800
  • Sponsor 2
  • Silver
  • $400
  • Sponsor 1


The RBDC understands the financial burden and lack of support that students face when trying to receive financial designations while still in school. The RBDC’s Finance Academy’s goal is to help provide the support that students need in order to take and pass the Series 65 exam. 

What the RBDC will provide: 

  • Location for study groups to meet 
  • Financial Support 
  • Place to ask questions to professionals
  • Opportunity to network with firms 
  • Receive access to study materials
  • Other necessary support in preparation for the Series 65 exam

Student Participant expectations: 

  • Attend weekly study group meetings  
  • Sit for the Series 65 Exam