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Connect with Eager BYU – Idaho Students

Projects Start Early September, Early January, and Mid-April

How does it work?

Applied Learning Projects (ALPS) provides you with an opportunity to connect with BYU-Idaho students through a project over the course of a semester. Raise awareness and interest in your company while accomplishing work. Students work on your project work remotely while taking classes on campus or online across the globe. Students participate for credit, for internships, or simply to gain professional experience. You gain insight into the skills and abilities of the students along with taking care of items on your to-do list.

Projects last 13 weeks. ALPS | Basic projects provide you with a team of up to five students each working about eight hours per week. ALPS | Advanced projects are three students work over 15 hours per week. Basic projects require weekly client contact that ranges from four to six hours per week. Advanced projects will only have you meet with your team four times over of the 13-week duration.


Meet New Potential Talent to hire

By working on a project for 13 week with students, you are able to see their soft and hard skills up close and personal. Student team members will be looking for future internship and full-time opportunities.

Raise Awareness and Interest in Your Company

Hundreds of BYU-Idaho students will see your company is bringing a project to the ALPS program. Student team members can be encouraged to share their experience with their friends and classmates.

Test Possible Hires for Fit Before Any Interview

Your company culture is unique. FInd out if potential hires are a fit by having them work with a team inside the company. Students are also able to see if they are excited about your company.

Enlarge Your Pool of Potential Hires without Increasing Your Recruiting Budget

ALPS | Basic Projects are No Cost to You*

*Clients are expected to lead their teams through the 13-week project. Clients may select to have students work in an area that is outside of their expertise. However, results will vary as the students may or may not fully understand the work to be done. Successful projects tend to have clients that work with their teams for 4 to 6 hours a week along with focusing on a project scope that they understand well, but do not have the time to complete themselves.

Ready to get started on a free project? You will need to have a scope of work and an idea of the types of students you would like to have work on your project.

ALPS | Basic

ALPS | Basic provides a great chance to really get to know potential hires due to high levels of client involvement.

  • Teams of up to five students for 13 weeks
  • Project work can be any type of work that works well remotely
  • Price: $0

ALPS | Advanced

ALPS | Advanced projects are staffed with more experienced students and have a much lower time commitment.

  • Teams of 2 – 3 students for 13 weeks
  • Project work limited to our portfolio of products
  • Price: starting at $3,500


We are always interested in finding new ways to connect. If you have a unique idea, we would love to hear from you!

  • Team size can vary
  • Project work can vary depending on the need for external guidence for the students
  • Price: Varries

Not sure?

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